Monday, 31 January 2011

A Thing A Day

I am a regular visitor at, a great website with loads of tips and really supportive, friendly and informative forums.

I was having a quick browse this evening and came across this - A Thing A Day: 2011 Challenge

The basic idea is to get rid of a thing a day and post about it on the forum - everyone is motivating everyone else.  I think the best thing about this idea is that no matter how demotivated you are feeling, no matter how rushed, no matter what else is going on - there is always time to get rid of A Thing A Day.

I am inspired! I have just shredded a pile of receipts that I have been staring at for the longest time! To keep track of my A Thing A Day, I am going to set up a Twitter account and link it to the blog.  That way there will be a rolling record of what I am getting rid of and I can 'tweet' quickly and from anywhere!

Phew! A sudden burst of inspiration is just what I needed!

Declutter Diarist

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