Monday, 31 January 2011

One Month In...

It is a month since I started my Declutter Diary and I cannot believe that tomorrow will be February!  When I started this blog, I set myself the task of not just decluttering my house, but my life - read my first post here.

It sounded pretty big, and it is a challenge.  Sorting through a few drawers and straightening your wardrobes is all well and good, but it only makes a real difference in your life if you change your habits as well.  Its a bit like going on a diet, if you think about it as a diet, it is only a temporary state and often the pressure you can put on yourself makes it unsustainable.

I have definitely hit a wall at certain points, or intended to do something and then not got round to it for whatever reason.  In the past, I would have berated myself for failure, piled on the pressure or done a rush job and then been left feeling dissatisfied.

The big difference I have made this time is just to be a but more forgiving of myself.  I have a busy life, sometimes I just want to watch telly or go to the pub.  The clutter isn't going anywhere, it can wait.  The trick for me has been to keep a vision in mind of what I want to achieve.

When I have made big leaps, I have enjoyed it and allowed myself to be a tad smug about what I have achieved.  And more importantly, where I have made progress, I have maintained that area.  So, I am pleased to report that I have kept the sitting room immaculate and I have kept my desk clear and my inbox empty.

So, I think tonight I will recline with a small gin and tonic and think about what I want to achieve in February.  I may blog about this in a bit, that way you can all keep check on me!  I am also going to think about how great it will feel to blog on New Year's Eve when I have got where I want to be.  When even the Room of Doom is a sanctuary of calm and organisation....

Onwards and Upwards Friends!

The Declutter Diarist

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