Sunday, 30 January 2011

Staying in Hotels

When I was glancing around other decluttering websites, I noticed that someone had written about how much they like staying in hotels.  And I agree with that, there is nothing like a night in a posh hotel.

The crisp bedding, fancy soaps, spacious rooms, fluffy towels and clean lines.

I also act differently in a hotel room.  I neatly put my clothes away, after getting ready I gather up my make up and put it away, and despite room service, straighten my bedsheets.

Then it hit me, I could actually live this lifestyle all the time.

At home.

But moving house is not an option, although that would be great.  Put everything in a skip and start over again.  But this is me all over - when things get on top of me my tendency is to be dissatisfied with my current life and dream about another one.

So, that is my new goal - crack on with the decluttering and live the hotel life style at home.  Well, except for the room service, Husband is good...but not that good!

Declutter Diarist.

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