Monday, 17 January 2011

All Work and No Declutter Makes a Messy House

Yep, I knew that this was a potential risk.  After good plans, good intentions over the Christmas period, going back to work was always going to hit me like a tonne of bricks.

I have quite a busy job with weird hours and lots of weekend and evenings to do.  On the upside, my diary is my own, and if I want I can clear a day to do what I like, (this wouldn't make me very popular if I did it often though!)

So consequently I have not achieved a great deal over the past two weeks.  But saying that the sitting room has stayed exactly how it was after the declutter day and I am still on top of my emails after following the Bit Literacy technique.  I feel a lot more in control about my work, which is a huge relief and Husband says makes me a nicer person to live with!

Tonight I got home at 8:30pm and I had organised a home delivery of the groceries.  So my declutter job was to go through the fridge.  Doesn't sound like much, but after 20 minutes there was only food in there that was fresh and would be eaten and it was clean.  It was hardly grotty, but it is better now!

Sometimes, just taking some action, any action helps keep you on track.  No matter how little, it is something.

Let's keep at it people!

Declutter Diarist


  1. I am happy to inform, that, I cleaned a closet, which clutter was stressing me out. I was forcing myself to do it, and I promised myself, to work at least 15 minutes a day, in that closet, until I was done, but once the decluttering gained momentum, I couldn't stop until the work was done. What a relief!

    Sometimes we need to step back a little, and the eagerness will return.
    All the best in your decluttering efforts, and in everything else.

  2. It is I again! I forgot to put a link to a blog, that,you might like. It has a lot of good ideas:

  3. DD, you are so right, just taking action, no matter how small, can make a difference, so don't give up! Like they say, "anyone can eat an elephant, one bite at a time"...