Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Three Month Slump....

.....needs to come to an end.

In a nutshell, life has kind of run away with me lately.  Between work being just tooooo busy (local elections) and not being very well (appendicitis), decluttering and diary keeping went somewhat on the back burner.

And I have to admit, the house is a bomb site.

It is generally superficial, but really does need a good clean and tidy before any serious decluttering can recommence.  Husband has done a sterling job keeping things ticking over, but I really need to get back in gear if I am going to conquer House Mountain any time soon.

But there does always seem to be something getting in the way.

This week I had a good turf out at work due to us all moving offices, I actually discovered a box I had packed from the last time I moved offices 3 years ago.  I binned it all.  When I get in my new office tomorrow I am going to be very strict with what paper I keep.  If it is available electronically, I won't keep the paper.

I also need to get back on top of my emails.  Although I did do this right up until the last few weeks of the election when quality desk time just wasn't an option.  This should take no more than an afternoon if I knuckle down.

I am hoping to make it home for about 4pm tomorrow and my aim is to get a couple of loads of washing on and clear the surfaces of general debris.  I am hopeful that the systems and decluttering I put in place before the Three Month Slump mean that I should see a big difference quite quickly.  I will let you know.

Time to get back on the horse!

The Declutter Diarist.

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